I stand with Jonathan Moylan

One of my favourite climate actions of recent times has been the topic of much debate over the last few days.  Since starting to write this blog post nearly 48 hours ago, the ripples have widened, and it looks like this might have an impact far beyond what was originally envisaged.

As has been rightly pointed about by a couple of commentators, we are seeing, and have a need for new approaches to have our voices heard on vital issues.  Humour and social media, as well as good old fashioned nonviolent direct action are going to continue to be important in our fight to halt some of the even more extreme climate events we have heading our way.

Jonathan Moylan and Frontline Action Against Coal pulled off a clever, yet simple stunt, and suddenly the spotlight is on coal and the banks who finance it. Right on.

no hoax cartoon

On the day the fire brigade allowed itself to be used in an appalling political stunt by Tony Abbott – who STILL refuses to adequately acknowledge the links between climate change and our massive fossil fuel use and export, I am glad someone is acting like we have a real life off the charts emergency to deal with. Some extraordinary pictures here, and a great interview Anna Rose did on Democracy Now.

Whilst I have many dear friends involved in the Greens, and appreciate the work of some of the MP’s I know, for various reasons I haven’t been too excited about the mainstream direction they seem to be heading. However, credit where it is due – I was absolutely floored to see Christine Milne coming out in support of the actions taken by Jono, which no doubt comes at some political risk to her.  Check 730 report here.

The hysteria has reached fever pitch though, with some red hot vitriol being flung around. There is some quality mature commentary on twitter expressing hope that all kinds of stuff happens to Jono in jail, good old Erica got himself in a lather about it which is always fun to watch, and being that Miranda Devine blames those dastardly greenies for the fires, I’m sure we can expect some more class act commentary all round.  Given that it was uuummm, ‘the media’ who messed up and were taken in by it all, it does seem somewhat ironic. But that was probably a left wing conspiracy anyway.

On the upside there has been some good pieces – one from Bob Brown who must have been given pirate leave, and another one from the Age on the ‘hoax we had to have’, SMH outlines some good background here and pieces on the Conversation from Doctors for Environment and Clive Hamilton. My favourite title goes to the Global Mail though.

Economist John Quiggan puts the cries of ‘think of the the Mum and Dad investors’ into a bit of perspective here. Including this gem on some of those who lost out:

“Unsuccessful speculators, who might be better advised to spend more time with their kids and less time playing the market”

anz koala

So Jono – good on you.  An inspiration on actions and chuckles all round.

Here are just a few ways I can think of for folks to help keep this issue on the burner – Will add any more if you want to add comments…

  • Contact ANZ through their facebook page and let them know what you think. It is fun!
  • Get out to blockade at Leard state forest and help the frontline fight, or help them with expenses
  • Get involved in a direct action group like Quit Coal, those rascals get up to all kinds of fun shenanigans
  • Sign this letter to ANZ set up earlier in December. Sum of Us have one here also
  • Keep the story going in the media through letters, comments and social media channels
  • Support Jonathan through a facebook page here – which I’m sure will advertise if he needs any help with legal expenses if he is charged

AND… Have some more FUN in your activism goshdarnit. This whole looming Armageddon thang is gloomy enough without all the sad faces.  Here is a ‘carbon cop’ notice me and some mates had fun issuing at an action at Hazelwood power station a few years back for your viewing pleasure.  Crikey also lists some of their favourite environmental hoaxes here if you need some extra inspiration. And the lovely Holly Hammond from Plan to Win is helping out with this online dialogue from New Tactics – ‘using humour to expose the ridiculous’ – Get amongst it!

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3 Responses to I stand with Jonathan Moylan

  1. savestuff says:

    And another great link – initial research by Chris Taylor debunking the ridiculous claims of Miranda Devine et al … http://eastgippsland.net.au/

  2. Thanks for the great summary Nicola! Folks who are inspired by this action might want to explore creative tactics more – see resources on the Beautiful Trouble website http://beautifultrouble.org/tactic/hoax/

  3. Leslie Jacobi says:

    I am amazed that none of the media who received the announcement checked to get what would have been a BIG story. But no they just went with it until it was taken off not long after. Who is culpable? Not Jonathan I think.

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